Photo Group

One of the project groups focused exclusively on photography. They learnt the theoretical side of taking photos as well as got to know all the necessary technicalities of camera usage and image manipulation programmes such as GIMP or Picasa. Knowledge they acquired was practised to death by taking countless numbers of photos both indoors and on location. When they finally managed to bring the devil under control they arranged a professional photography session whose main themes were A Green Photo and Flower Power. Eva, one of the group members talks about her impressions of taking part in the photography workshops.

What did you like the most about the workshops?

I really enjoyed to see how the theory we were presented is put into practice. How you can make something practical out of sheets of paper.

What was the most difficult for you?

The thing that was the most difficult for me personally was to remember all the options the camera has to offer and how to make a clever use of them.

Do you prefer to be be a model or rather take photos?

I think that these two are equally difficult. But I liked being a model as much as taking photos.

Here are some photos of the group:






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