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Health on Wheels

It is well known that the benefits of bicycling just a huge. We can not only prevent a number of diseases, from cardiovascular to the nerve, but also cure them with conventional bike. You only need to believe and start to use the bicycle.
Bicycle is the perfect invention of mankind: transport and health facilities in the one. We can be the bicyclist! It is what is needed to maintain health and longevity. Here are just a few benefits that it provides.
–  Riding a bike has very good effect on many systems and organs of our body.
Fact  Today, people use more than one billion bikes around the world. Danmark is the most ‘’bicycle’’ country.
–   Save us from headache. It is noticed that bicyclists less headache, because skating outdoors promotes intensive ventilation to enrich the blood an muscle and brain of oxygen.
Fact  Boris Johnson- Major of London- travels the city by bike. One of his innovations is super way for bicyclists.
–  Save the immune system. As soon as the effect of cycling is not manifest, it takes time. And if bicycling will become regular, the result will not wait for you.
Fact  Cyclists have problems with potency two to three times less likely as men of the same age in general.

Conditions of using

Is it so easy and possible to use bicycle in your daily life? Sometimes  people who want use bike in daily life meet the problem that they have no conditions to do it. Its necessary to have In the infrastructure of the city as a minimum parking and locks for it. Because if you want get to your work by bike ,you need to park  it and don’t worry about this. And there are some people who  want ride a bike, but afraid ,because in their city almost don’t exist special paths for it. It’s a pity when people who want burn fat, not gas can’t do it.

Bicycle stories


Have you ever ridden a bicycle? For how long? I suppose you have an interesting story to tell us? Have ever been on any bicycle tour or have you ever ridden bicycle in the forest at night… or drunk? Because I love riding bicycle. Once I even went hitch-hiking to St. Petersburg to try myself in a bicycle race. There I was given a new bike for free for the whole day. But there was a failure! My stomach began to ache. But nevertheless I tried to mount my bicycle and was riding slowly in the tail of the crowd of cyclists… I was in low spirits, but when we reached the first vacation spot, I understood that I feel good only while riding. So I continued the ride. In the end of race I even have overtaken the first cyclist and have nearly got under the truck. But still I’ve managed to reach the Palace Square, having passed about 100 km with terrible stomach ache. Then I had a cultural part of my trip and gone round the whole city on a bicycle. And – what a miracle, my pain has disappeared!


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