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Participants of blog group are the heroes


Our blog group is the part of whole “EcoMedia Project”, which is taking place in Nasutow, Poland on 08-15.05.2013. Our project consists of 7 people and the manager – Magda.  We did a blog and filled it with interesting and useful information about our ecosystem. Our work was more difficult, but, I think, it was more interesting . Even the sun outside and the mosquitoes could not stop us!!! We worked on our ecoblog! And now, not to be unfounded, I will present an evidence in the form of an interview with one of the participants of our workshop. Ann, I will ask you
Do you like what we do during this workshop?
Of course, I like what we do during this workshop. Of course, sometimes it is something strange or new. Sometimes it is difficult and maybe boring. But most of the time it is quite informative and pretty exciting.
Have you ever done something like that?
No, I haven’t done anything similar. Maybe 1,5 years ago on Bicycle forum in Grodno… But it was too short and rather boring. So this is the first time I have participated in such a great project. This is my first time=)
Do you have any vivid memories of our workshop?
Certainly! Take our funny evenings devoted to different countries. Aren’t they splendid? What for our free-time, games, going to Lublin, eco-picnic… even our night time – all of them are perfect. And the people – so understanding, friendly, humorous and clever. This project became a secong home for me and all of the people are like my big international family.




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