About workshops – Eco (co)media



For seven days we were in Nasutów – 25 participants from Czech Republic, Belarus, Italy, Ukraine and Poland.


International youth media exchange ”ECO MEDIA”  bring together young people  to enable us to know each other, gaining media skills and knowledge in the field of ecology.


Participants gained valuable knowledge about ecological behaviors, how to live in harmony with the natural environment, what they can do to make awareness about threats the environment was greater, and how to prevent them.


Together we  tried to promote ecological way of living through the media. During the project  we created two films, a photo exhibition and a blog.


From the second day we were divided into three groups:

1. Photo group


2. Video group


3. Blog group


Last two days it was almost 24 hours work per day but all of us are proud of our outcomes.


All products created by our group are publicly accessible on the Internet. You can find them there:


We had a really great time together and gained new skills that we will use in our lives in the future.  Right now we hope to run this blog after the end of the project, for it to be still alive !!!

(Marketa from Czech)


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