Mini-hydro and Carpathians

Everyone knows that the Ukrainian Carpathians are one of the most beautiful parts of the world.
And in 2012 they started the hunt!
The problem of construction of hydropower plants on the rivers of Ukrainian Carpathians caused considerable concern not only for the inhabitants of mountain villages. Most of the Carpathians is built pipes that not can not worry.
Experience has shown that the rivers on which you installed gateways, disappear, and the animals that they are dying. Although the orders of Governor Chairman Michael Vyshyvanyuk building in minihidroelektrostantsiy suspended views on the broken threads continue to divide experts.
Consequently, construction and miniHES Carpathians. This problem is considered from different points of view.
Ecology. She is, first and foremost, building hydroelectric causing irreparable damage flagrant interference in the pristine landscape of an area.
At the beginning of the construction of hydroelectric Dzembronya destroyed hundreds of trees and other species, which strengthened the banks of the river. The fauna of the river will be destroyed completely. And most importantly – hydrology. Water pipe driven in – officially declare that only a third of runoff. In fact during the drought in the tube will all waste water is to somehow move the turbine. A Black and White Cheremosh and their tributaries belong to the so-called Carpathian type year with irregular (povinevym) hydrological regime. Compare the level of these rivers end of July 2008 and mid-November 2011. The amount of water in almost ten times smaller. In Austria, for example, for like hes only use excess water and they work a few months a year – usually in the spring. As for us in the pursuit of profits will be ruthless exploitation of the river and will be done to megawatts of power published continuously throughout the year, otherwise it will extend cost recovery from 5-8-to-20 and 30-years.
What is the attitude to the environment in Europe? A simple example. Many years ago Europe abandoned slate and out of its use – anywhere strict prohibition. Even in Poland given that term substitute for a full slate surfaces. For us, no architectural standards do not prohibit its use.
But most of all that could harm us all: rivers and mini HESam it – floods, which, unfortunately, is typical of the Carpathian region.
Also – tourism. Tourism and hydro-diametrically opposite things. Where will power, tourism will not. HPS – is one of the types of technological production facilities, which are filled with urban conglomeration. A tourist who leaves the city to communicate with nature, does not want to see it any industrial facilities: no plants, no bench, no power.
As for the Black Cheremosha, it is, without exaggeration, the most attractive river in Ukraine for boating. Southern Bug River – in second place, followed by – Tisa and Prut, hereinafter Mizunka, candle, Limnytsya … One on one meetings representative of “Aqua Nova” Oleg Dyachuk noted that construction miniHES on Black Cheremosh Association supports boating.
Completing the story, to quote a line that tourists – water experts Ukraine, gathering hundreds of signatures against the construction of hydropower plants last year, was sent to the central government: “… Cheremos Black River Basin Hydrological Reserve is of local importance, but include not only individual regions, it is the calling card throughout Ukraine. ”



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