About project

International youth media exchange ”ECO MEDIA” is to bring together young people from different countries to enable them to know each other, gaining media skills and knowledge in the field of ecology. Participants get valuable knowledge about the ecological behavior, how to live in harmony with the natural environment, what they can do to make awareness about threats the environment was greater, and how to prevent them. Together we try to promote ecological way of life through the media. During the project young people create film, a photo exhibition and a blog. The meeting will take place in an international group of different social and cultural backgrounds.The exchange brought together participants from Czech Republic, Belarus, Italy, Ukraine and Poland. During the exchange young people participate in a media workshops about film production, photographic techniques, creating a blog, online journalism. A chance to develop and share knowledge on recycling, changes in climate, endangered species, the basic ecological behavior in everyday life. They learn how to use media to communicate important ideas to the public. All products created by participants will be freely available on the Internet. The exchange will allow participants to learn about new cultures, to exchange experiences, compare the environmental behavior in different countries.

The exchange is taking place from 8th till 15th of May 2013 in Nasutów near Lublin in Poland.

The project is financed by Youth in Action Programme


The project was organized by European Meeting Centre Nowy Staw Foudation



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